Wine Industry

Wine Distribution

ILS has over 15 years of specialized experience in serving the wine industry. We offer a comprehensive and fully licensed wine distribution service that includes:

  • National and local distribution
  • Order processing
  • Government compliance
  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • Freight, warehouse and inventory coordination
  • Financial administration and insurance
  • U.S.A. & international deliveries

ILS offers an automated inventory management system accessible 24/7 by proprietary login.  We provide state-of-the-art temperature controlled storage and work areas.

ILS takes care of everything to deliver your orders directly to your customer’s door.  We handle pick ‘n pack,  labeling,  packaging and shipping materials,  and coordination with major couriers.  You stay up to date via our automated inventory control system.

ILS provides special order fulfillment for all of your customized orders, creating a special experience for each of your customers. Special orders may include custom products, custom packing, specific assembly instructions, and such. We personalize our services to your requirements and follow your specific instructions with care.

ILS offers compliance management to eliminate hassles for the wineries. Shipping direct-to-consumers is complex, involving numerous applications and following the required tax reporting procedures. We can handle the entire process for you.

Inventory Management (requires Login)

UPS Tracking

FedEx Tracking

For special orders please fill out our online request form.