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Your wine is in safe hands with us

I.L.S., Inc. understands the need to provide importers, wholesalers, wineries and retailers with smarter and more complete distribution and logistics. We work with over 100 wineries that span the length of California, handling over 1 million cases of wine a year.

Utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and partnering with major carriers, I.L.S., Inc. is more than capable than handling your fragile and valuable wine. We take care of inventory control, order fulfillment, distribution, and compliance management all from within our climate-controlled warehouse. We handle the whole process after harvest up to your customer’s door, focusing on what is important - freshness and consistency.



Our team of experts are versed in the special care and handling necessary for wine as well as the myriad of compliance requirements. We understand that we are the last touch before your customer receives their order - you can expect us to consider the whole process from pickup to delivery to be carefully considered. We ship using only highly tested packaging material and partner with major carriers UPS, FedEx, and GSO .

  • Custom orders & wine clubs

  • E-Commerce

  • Kitting and assembly

  • Insulated packaging

  • Ice packs and Dry Ice handling

  • Cold Chain Shipping

  • Compliance and reporting

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I.L.S., Inc. is committed to making the complicated simple. Fulfillment is done with consistent communication with importers, wineries and retailers, to best preserve the shelf life. We consider even to the climate of each state, providing refrigerated solutions that allow our customers to ship year round. Our reefered warehousing and trucking networks keep your wine cool and in good condition at all times along the journey.

  • Licensed 14 ABC facilities

  • Refrigerated storage

  • Short term storage and Deep Storage

  • Cased goods handling

  • Container loading and unloading

  • Bulk delivery

  • Costco and Aldi delivery lanes


Many wineries find that keeping track of multiple inventories by themselves can be very challenging. I.L.S., Inc. handles the entire order cycle after bottling: club, ecommerce, compliance, and fulfillment. We simplify the inventory process as your wine moves through many different stages, such as storage, club, tasting room and daily orders. Our customers are provided a personal portal to trace the traffic of multiple products. 

  • AMS Inventory

  • ShipCompliant

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